24/7 City – Retail & Leadenhall Market

The Forum will recognise the impact of the COVID pandemic on the City of London and seek to play its part in the City’s recovery, embracing the change that The City is experiencing in workplaces, leisure and retail.

The Forum will:

  • Reflect the changing dynamics and shifting landscape of retail in the City of London and the emerging demands of the changing and growing City workforce and visitor population.
  • Offer an integrated and flexible range of experiential retail spaces, Forum Halls and pop up areas where events of different scale can sit alongside more traditional retail activities.
  • Embrace the City of London Corporation vision for a 24/7 City. The Forum will be an experience and destination in itself that can be enjoyed by both those working in the building or visiting.
  • Deliver a new double height public viewing gallery further adding to the sense of The Forum as a destination and improving the offer to the night-time and weekend economies within the City.
  • Complement Leadenhall Market with a new access route through The Forum to ensure it remains the centrepiece of the City area, maintaining is unique historic character and sense of place.

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