Our Proposals

Tenacity is committed to developing a world class office led multi-use building at The Forum, which reflects the dynamism of the City.

The Forum will stand circa 155m across 33 floors above ground and will consist of:

  • Two distinct design elements:
    • An open and welcoming base with high quality public realm that allows for permeability throughout.
    • An elegant upper building providing world class work space.
  • A range of uses including A1 retail, A2 service, A3 A4 and A5 food and drink and B1 office uses.
  • A comprehensive public amenity offer including public arcade, forum halls, and public viewing gallery.
  • Permeability through the ground floor of the building.
  • Flexible and multi-functional spaces that adapt to the needs of the building during different times of the day. This will include pop up and public spaces that serve the building users and local community throughout the day and also provide sufficient space for out of hours delivery and servicing.

What has changed?

As a result of an ongoing dialogue with The City of London and our stakeholders since our previous consultation in December 2019, we have made a number of amendments to improve and refine our proposals, including:

  • A new double height public amenity space and viewing gallery at levels 29 and 30 offering stunning views of the City.
  • Reworked podium space, reducing to double height and increasing office terraces and social space where the urban foyer was previously, to improve the workplace experience of occupiers.
  • Refined design of the massing and façade to improve local views and respond to stakeholder feedback.
  • Increased ground floor public realm on corner of Lime Street.
  • Increased urban greening with green roofs and extensive greening on the reveals between the tower elements.
  • Additional tree planting in the public realm to the benefit of the local wind environment.

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