Public Realm

The Forum will be a space and a place for everyone. We want to create an accessible and attractive
destination that people can enjoy, where they want to dwell and thrive, rather than just work.

Our public realm offer will provide:

  • Enhanced permeability with multiple pedestrian routes through the ground floor, reducing pressure on surrounding streets.
  • Increases to the widths of existing pavements to improve pedestrian experience and safety and enable greater social distancing, in particular on Gracechurch Street and Fenchurch Street.
  • Flexibility to reflect the changing needs of the City with two Forum Halls providing multi-purpose space for retail, pop-up markets and events.
  • A public arcade to provide permeability and integrate the ground floor public amenity and Forum Halls.
  • A publicly accessible viewing gallery with flexible space for a range of public uses including artwork, exhibitions, food and beverage.
  • Significant urban greening throughout, in excess of City of London policy requirements. This includes greening on the podium and public viewing gallery, between each of the three tower elements on the southern and northern facades, green roofs and green walls and planting on Lime Street.
  • Potential opportunities to improve the local pedestrian environment including the crossings at the intersection of Lime Street, Fenchurch Street and Philpot Lane.

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